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Metal springs


Sheffield, UK



Memories are the architecture of our identities, and my Bed in HN10 is always the structure of my memory in this house. Homeis photographs of dismantled mattress that I intentionally made to extract underneath the fabric and underneath the memory itself searching for the reasons in a candid way, the action itself of dismantling this matters becomes very important to my work. As if I was having a direct Linguistic, sensual and visual conversation with me when I was seven years old, that comfort I felt in this process was magnificent. So the dismantling process became the action of recalling the memories, in the act of going beyond the layers, I found a connection with the fundamental feeling. 


‘The springs’ from the matters become the object that I decide to study and go along with for this project. The springs are coils of metal that have been toughened that help things return to a particular position, but they can also be used to absorb energy, likewise the memory do. 

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