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PO Box 38442 , Al Kharaytiyat | | | +97455336650


2018 Sheffield Hallam University, Sheffield, UK

MFA - Master of Fine Art

2009 Qatar University, Doha, Qatar

Bachelor in Art Education, Major Education preparation


Since 2004 to the present

2018  “Ambivalent Memories” Provocation Degree Show - Sheffield, UK

2018  “Home” & “HN10” BookMarks Artist books and Education – Edinburgh, UK

2017  “The Dreamers Book” The Tetley Artist book fair – Leeds, UK 

2016  Mathaf – Artist encounters with Faraj Daham: art project and panel discussion

2016  Feature my Film “ Hayat” At US Embassy with a panel discussion

2016  Participate in Group exhibition at AL-Bayan schools compound

2016  Participate in Group exhibition at AL-Bayan schools compound

2015  “ Triangles” QatarTurkey Years of culture project- Qatar Museum, Cermodern Gallery, Ankara, Turkey

2015  Group exhibition in Al-Wajbah schools – by Challenge (3D) artwork

2015  “Change” , Third Solo, Qatar Since and Technology center, Qatar Foundation 

2015  Souq Waqif Annual Exhibition, Qatar

2015  Mini Exhibition 2 – Art Visual Center, Qatar

2015  6 Artists from Qatar – Art Visual Center – Katara

2015  “Different” Second Solo, Katara cultural village, Doha, Qatar

2015  Qatar Contemporary Art, UNESCO HQ, Fontenoy, Paris

2014  “1040” First solo, Katara cultural village, Doha, Qatar

2014  Arab Youth Symposium, Qatar visual art center

2013  Mini Art exhibition, Qatar visual art center, Katara

2013  “Directions” Video Art, New perspective exhibition,  QatarUK Years of culture project- Qatar Museum

2012  Mall-Lawal Group Exhibition in Islamic art Museum

2012  (kekayat molawanah ) group exhibition in Girl’s creativity center

2009  Art Education student graduation group exhibition at QatarUniversity

2008  Group exhibition in (porcelain, functional andexpressive) by Dr. Muneera Al Meer, Qatar University 

2006-2008  Participated in many group exhibitions in Qatar University

2006  Group exhibition in (The Traveller 2) by Dr. Ahmed Khalil – Qatar University

2006-2007  Several group exhibitions in the Girls Creativity Center

2005  Group exhibition in the University of Abu Dhabi

2004  Group exhibition in Al-Jasra Cultural Club


2018  Research and Innovation prize winner, Research and Innovation Office (RIO), Sheffield, UK

2016   Girl's creativity centre award in Social Films , Doha, Qatar

2007 - 2008 - 2009 Several certificates and Awards in artistic excellence from Qatar University, Doha , Qatar​


2015  Creative Talks, Direction Video Art, Mathaf ( Arab Modern Museum), Doha,Qatar 

2016  “Hayat” Film, US Embassy, Doha, Qatar

2016   Artist encounters: art project and panel discussion ( Belonging), Mathaf ( Arab Modern Museum), Doha,Qatar 

2015   Local creativity ( Different Solo) - QTalent Agency, Doha,Qatar  


2020 Doha Fire station , Doha Qatar (September 2019 - June 2020)

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