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Video art

Duration: 5:15

Katara Galleries, Gallery 2

Katara Cultural village


Commissioned by Qatar Museums and British Council, Qatar 2013

In this video the artist debate the Change that occurs in our society and the challenges that permeate with this change. AlAji captured the idea in an abstract way by the geometric shape “ Triangle” which is the essential design element in the traditional designs widely used in the regional wool-crafts and textiles called (Sadou). The Video was prepared in QUK cultural exchange project - art residency program in 2013.

The Video shows different sizes, colors and trends of Triangles that animated in a certain directions representing the members of the community and the relationships between these convergence, divergence as well as capturing the inner and outer self challenges that a person face in such conservative communities. So the question that remains is: Are we doing what “we” want in our life?

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