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 Ameera  AlAji

Ameera AlAji is a Qatari Artist (b.1984).She graduated with BA in Art Education at Qatar University in 2009 (Qatar). After 7 years in the Art Field AlAji pursued a Master in Fine Arts from Sheffield Hallam University,specialising in Contemporary Art  (Sheffield,2018).


AlAji is a multidisciplinary artist. Her work has always been research-oriented and experiment- based through writing,film,photography, printmaking and drawings. AlAji current art work investigates the ideas of ‘the home’ - personal domestic memories and often complex associated motions, serves to pose questions which cannot be easily dismissed, explained away, or perhaps even answered - what and where is Home today?

AlAji uses her personal visual memories to explore the subject matter of memory. The early childhood House that she spent her earliest 7 years,in house no.10 in Qatar, precisely in Al-Gharafa - a home which originally housed the whole extended family, Ameera recurring her childhood memories, expressing these thoughts as something tangible, intimate and necessarily personal. 

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