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The Conversation Sheffield,Uk  2018

Walking through 


Flip notes

Ink Printmaking, text


Sheffield, UK



Walking through is a series of artist flip notes, of memorable stories from HN10, these notes exploring the memory exercising of the remembering action. 


The research done for this investigation deals with both the motivation of the artist, the personal history and the individual’s artistic process. This process is examined through two bodies of artwork dealing with the home as a geographic landmark. The shared themes of belonging, loss and longing are further reinforced by “visual cues” represented in the ink printmaking works. For the ‘Walking through’ Divided series, AlAji approached the style of the Ink prints and the subject matter through textual- visual of early childhood home and the visual representation of a distinct and bilateral division of the structure [of what we hear and see].


The imagery presented in this series deals directly with the historical use of landscape in the memory and the house or home as the subject. This series is motivated by AlAji personal experience with a fractured family unit and experience with the fractured notion of the home. 


Lost Sheffield, Uk  2018

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